Verystream Movie Watch Angel Has Fallen

9.0/ 10stars

; Action; 63274 Vote; USA; Actor=Frederick Schmidt, Gerard Butler; Ric Roman Waugh

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So i think the first 2 are much better in quality and story line but none-the-less a good action movie either way. It was enjoyable and some the "newer war technologies" were interesting to see.


The writing got lazy with a 5th grader predictable plot that's been done many times before. The directing wasn't any better with poor action scenes and terrible editing and lousy CGI. The score was even cheesy in this installment. Still enjoyable entertainment, and it was nice to see the stunning Piper Perabo and it was great to see Nick Nolte back on the big screen, who was the highlight for me in this film. Sadly, only a 7/10 from me.




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